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Big Data Cloud Digital Marketing

Leveraging Cloud and Big Data for Digital Marketing

Leveraging Cloud and Big Data for Digital Marketing

Leveraging Cloud and Big Data for Digital Marketing

Today, across the world, many businesses are becoming clannish and moving towards advanced means of marketing and advertising. In the end, every sector and every business has realized the importance of Digital Marketing and has started investing in it.

It helps invent strategies that allow you to target your exact audience online, making more sales, driving more traffic to your company, and increasing your profitability year over year.

In this article we will talk about how a leading digital marketing company pioneered a unified approach by adopting cloud technology to enhance the customer journey through targeted, real-time & trigger-based Email, SMS, Direct Mail, and Social Marketing including Geo-location & push messaging from a single platform with the help of ZingMind Technologies.


The campaign times created a need to have a robust structure to support all the enormous demands when they received a huge load of access and also a need for stability to prevent the failure of servers.

Lack of Real-time analysis of large data reduces the efficiency of better decision-making, making it challenging to close out opportunities at the ideal moment ultimately increasing the burden of the sales department.

They felt the need for significant IT infrastructure capabilities, but it was difficult to predict how much power was required. At the same time, the storage capacity demanded to grow. Finally, maintaining a data center became very expensive.

All the above factors resulted in the loss of prospective customers.


Our skilled team of Data Engineers helped them to create numerous data pipelines to execute all their table migration from OLTP to OLAP and develop a generic data pipeline on the data factory for the migration of Terabytes of historical data to the cloud.

We also created a star schema for high performance of reports which resulted in streamlining various digital marketing activities and performing advanced multi-channel BI analytics. These BI analytical activities helped in targeting the right customers. It also helped in solving the problem of managing and storing the data in different countries which couldn’t be done due to location-specific government regulations.

By building a Data Lake and Data Warehouse solution we helped them solve the problem of data storage and save substantial capital costs by eliminating the need for any physical hardware investments.

Cloud computing offers a competitive edge over the competitors but the desired results can only be procured until adapted effectively. Hence ZingMind has proven to be that one-stop Solution Provider that will not only help you advance your technology to the next generation but also Rearchitect your existing technology and provide you with demand-specific resources and solutions because cost optimization with increased profitability is the ultimate demand of the era.



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