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Linux and Open Source Migration To Cloud


Open Source Databases Migration

The Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure specialty certifies a partner’s in-depth understanding, broad experience, and shown proficiency in moving workloads using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB databases to Azure.

The Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Azure specialty is only available to partners that pass an external assessment of their migration procedures and strict requirements on customer success and employee skilling.

Azure specialty

When you earn an Azure specialty, ZingMind Technologies assets feature your business and pertinent products, positioning you to reach out to Microsoft field sellers. Additionally, you will have access to customer-facing sales and marketing initiatives that come with rewards and financial incentives.

What advantages might you expect if you move your workload to Azure?

What advantages do you gain by migrating to Azure?
Create new things while feeling confident.  Users may concentrate more on utilizing the operating system to complete their activities by avoiding the lengthy preparation time for the Linux environment. Use this operating system to speed up the establishment of a fully controlled environment and spend less time on administrative responsibilities.

Using cutting-edge technology, protect your intellectual property
Microsoft employs more than 3500 security specialists and invests over $1 billion annually in cloud security. So, you can simply use the Azure Cloud platform to run Linux workloads

Market-leading hybrid choices
By combining your on-premises and cloud environments, you can also create a reliable hybrid cloud with Azure Stack. In addition to integrating your cloud and on-premises services, Avere vFXT for Azure’s high-speed data storage and data center migration will help you increase the upload and download speeds of your users’ hybrid high-performance computing workloads.