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Business Continuity Solutions

Security & Compliance

Business Continuity Solutions

Cyber-attacks, Power blackouts, Natural catastrophes, Individual mistake Any of them might serve as the catastrophe’s breaking point. Utilize Zingmind’s business continuity services to maintain the availability of your mission-critical workloads and be ready for the unexpected.

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Zingmind Provides Disaster Recovery

Azure disaster recovery-enabled cloud-based business continuity helps businesses avoid typical problems including expensive on-premises solutions, IT budgetary restrictions, and challenges sustaining knowledge following employee turnover. In the Azure cloud, Zingmind provides Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, and patching services. These services include Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure Backup, and additional products like Windows Virtual Desktop that expand the capabilities of Azure into particular applications like VDI.

More Cloud and SaaS Solutions for Business Continuity :  Our adaptable SaaS offerings enable quick setup, constantly updated software, cost reductions, and clear billing.