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Cloud Adoption


Cloud adoption

The Need for a Cloud Framework in Businesses
While many businesses have embraced particular SaaS solutions with success and some have even been able to adopt a cloud-first approach for new platforms, many find it difficult to fully use everything the cloud has to offer. Typically, this is due to the misconception held by the majority of firms that just migrating their current IT infrastructure to the cloud constitutes digital transformation. Unfortunately, success is not a given when transferring old systems to the cloud.


The Cloud Adoption Framework

In reality, it frequently happens in the reverse, with poorly designed cloud systems creating more issues than they resolve. This is due to the fact that the current IT infrastructure was built using on-premises paradigms and is set up to operate at fixed capacity across several data centers. Furthermore, most IT teams lack the knowledge, experience, and adoption framework for public clouds that are required to rebuild and update applications in order to maximise a cloud investment.

The Cloud Adoption Framework combines our significant industry knowledge with Microsoft’s best practices for cloud adoption. As part of your cloud adoption endeavour, it offers a collection of tools, direction, and narratives that may be used to define technology, infrastructure, and human resource strategies for achieving your intended business results.